Hey Gwurl!

To the woman that is devastated, broken-hearted, and completely lost, due to a heartbreak. I want you to know your feelings are valid and I hear you, see you, and feel you.

I know how it feels to think your life will be spent with certain people but that relationship, friendship, or even death takes that away from you.

So, you’re left wondering, “What now? How do I carry on? How do I live without this person in my life? What do I do?”

I’ve been there. I know how it is to go to bed crying and wake up doing the same. I know all about those sleepless nights—even the ones that don’t feel like you’ve slept at all.

I remember how it felt searching for ‘how-to’s on Al Gore’s innanet & couldn’t find anythang that spoke to me. Everythang was so generic and bland. I needed something to help me to get back to living again.

Since I couldn’t find what I needed, I created my own way & got my life back. 

After therapy, journaling, prescription meds, and vulnerability—I am living again. Honestly, I’m better than I was before and I want the same for you.

Eventually comes...eventually and eventually is now.


Miss Education of the Stereo type

Girl, Keep Going | 9•19•19

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